School Projects

This category contains all my  school projects from 2010-2011. Made while attending 3D College Denmark.


Robot School Project


Robot School Proejct

This was a week long with me and tree fellow students Johan, Mikkel and Thorbjørn made back in 2011.
I learned a lot working on this especially because we made a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided.

Time management
Because we had a week to make our project we ended up spending to much time figuring out what we wanted to make and we spend to much time on certain minor things instead of focusing on the bigger picture. 
We also had problems keeping everyone working at the same time that stems from the next problem we faced.

Our planning process was the one part where we as a group should have  allocated more time to make sure we all understood what the final project should be. The lack of planning also ended up hurting our final composition on the poster. We should have made sketches for more angels in a natural posture and then have sketches of the composition alone.

At the time I had a really bad understanding of poly counts and because of that we ended up having way to many polygons in the scene, resulting in very bad performance working on the project and later when it came to rendering that took over 24 hours using all 4 of our computers. 


Christmas Card School Project

Christmas Card School Proejct

This was a one day project me and two fellow students Aya and Simon made back in 2011.
Some of the things i learned working on this project

Time management
When we started we quickly decided on going with a cartoon shader that didn’t require us to spend much time texturing
it also gave us the opportunity to crank out a lot of models in a short amount of time.
It didn’t take long before we had the basic concept of Santa on a deserted island with a decorated palm tree.


Another challenge was for us all to agree on a style and to keep our work thematically consistent between us to avoid having very contrasting styles that wouldn’t look good together.


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