City Skyline Mods

Some custom buildings i made for City Skylines back when it was first released. They are all "iconic" buildings from my hometown in Denmark.

Holstebro Church

Holstebro Church for City Skylines 

This was my most detailed asset i made where i decided to include the base and the sculpture in front of the church, depicting a hand holding a small scale model of the church. 

Things I learned
This was the last mod i made for City skylines and also the most detailed.
One of the things i learned was optimizing my texture space, It was especially challenging for the platform because of its size. 

The model has a Diffuse, Specular, Normal & Opacity map.





Another Thing i learned in the process of making my mods for City skylines was making LOD’s for my work so that i could have more faces on the close up without having it slow down your game when zoomed all the way out. 
I also learned about the process of baking my textures from the original model to my LOD.

Holstebro Train Station

Holstebro Church for City Skylines 

This was a model i felt like the game needed at the time where all the Train stations were very modern. When i finished the model i was not happy with my station only having one track going through it so i reached out to see if anyone else that knew how to code would be interested in making a mod to enable us to have Train stations with double lanes. 
So together with SimsFirehouse we made the first double lane train station that has over 10.000 current subscribers.

Holstebro Townhall & Library

Holstebro Music Theater & Hotel


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